January Showers Bring February Flowers

I just realized how “old” I am when I began a conversation with “Do you remember back in the day…. Really? I already have lived a back in the day period of life?? Well, I do remember back in the day when January was freezing cold and February was frozen cold. Back when Christmas presents always included heavy jackets, gloves, hats and scarfs in anticipation of the upcoming January and February. But what has happened?? Why are the flowers blooming in February?

My Nanny was a quilter (are you surprised?) In fact have you ever mentioned to anyone that you are a quilter- that you were not replied to with, “Oh funny, my grandmother was a quilter”. Didn’t you want to say, “are you serious? Wow, never heard that one before”.

I so vividly remember as a young girl sleeping in Nanny’s big bedrooms, which often held multiple large beds for family visitors, under layers and layers of quilts. So heavy you were automatically a back sleeper because no rolling over was possible. And can you imagine the myriad of sounds of snores traveling through that air? No Mr. Pillows or adjustable beds in those days. The air was very chilly as the fire in the fireplace often didn’t make it through the night. Thank goodness for those piles of quilts.

Nanny became Big Nanny when the great grands came along and my mom became Little Nanny. So a generational reference and not a size reference. She made lots and lots of quilts. We lost many of those quilts when tragically a tornado destroyed her home. But that will be for another post.

Me and Big Nanny

I am not sure if those were the good old days. Just simple existence was a little tougher and certainly many of our conveniences were not available.
No drive-throughs or beds in a bag that I can remember. The garden we had was huge and the days of canning and quilt making were long.
Wait, yes, I am sure, those were the good old days. Take me back to growing a garden and making utilitarian quilts any day. And January and February were cold and the flowers didn’t bloom. At least as I remember.

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