How did I get here?

Have you ever said “I will never do that”? I remember saying many times that I would NEVER be a stay at home mom. I enjoyed being a nurse. I loved having 4 days off every week. I loved the relationships I formed with my patients and their families. What more could I ask for????

My 2 South nursing family

That all changed July 22, 2015 at 6:20 a.m when Ryan and I welcomed our little guy into the world. As soon as I held our sweet Harrison for the first time I knew my life would never be the same again. I know every single Mom out there knows exactly how I feel.

The morning we went to the hospital to have Harrison
Our sweet boy!

I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it work but I prayed every single night for God to provide a way. I will never forget the March afternoon that Ryan sent me a text asking if I wanted to help Kathy with shipping for Lavender Lime. I knew immediately that was Gods answer to my prayers. I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for Kathy and the fact that she trusted me to take on this endeavor with her because being a stay at home mom and also working a business with your MIL is the best thing ever!!!!

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