Mark’s Thoughts

Kathy asked me to write a little something for the new blog. I began to think about our leap into the quilting industry. Over the last 15 years, she has put me in a lot of positions and situations in the quilting world in which I had not a clue.

At the Bernina Factory in Steckborn, Switzerland.

Looking back on these times, I probably bluffed my way through a few, excused my self away from the situation on several and maybe even got the job done a few times. However, don’t ask me to cite a “for instance”.

With fellow Moda Sales Reps- but not sure why we are sitting in a tree while wearing masks??

Being a self proclaimed short story writer over the last three decades, I thought to myself, how tough could it be to write an entry in a quilt blog?

So I confidently go to my study, sit down at my desk and officially and unequivocally get a total writer’s block.

She finally did it. She has led me to a place I am totally stumped.

2 thoughts on “Mark’s Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the laugh. And I have the reasons you are in a tree wearing silly glasses but that is a story for another time. Ha ha. Keep writing. 😀


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