Our First Book

We landed in the book publishing business on a whim. We had a beautiful big print come in and needed a pattern to showcase this big print. I looked but didn’t find exactly what I wanted. I thought, “hum, maybe I will just create a book for a large scale print, in lots of different quilt sizes.” Voila, “Sweet and Simple with a Lime Twist” was created.

Original version published in 2007.

I created the pattern, wrote the directions, took the photos, and created the layout. I received help on getting the quilts made. I took the book to the printer and had printed 100 copies. I was afraid I was going to be stuck with the extras that did not sell. We ended up selling most of the books in 1 weekend during a shop hop. And Designs by Lavender Lime was born.

We later worked with a graphic designer and changed our look up a bit. Sweet and Simple includes different settings, in 5 different size quilts all using 1 block.

Once a customer told me she made 12 Sweet and Simple quilts to give as Christmas presents. She said how much fun it was as each of her family members opened their quilt at the same time. She had taken special care to pick fabrics that would mean something to each of the family.

Bekah and I do almost all the work ourselves. But we could not make it without our editor, Joan Thornbury. She is amazing and catches almost everything that needs to be corrected before going to print. We are so thankful for her.

Years later and thousands of book sales later, Sweet and Simple is still one of our best selling books. Check out our website if interested.